About Alyona

I began my study of photography eight years ago, behind the lens of a used camera. I was a new bride and new to America: young and in love. And I loved the way it felt to be in love! And even still, I find so much inspiration from the love I still share with my husband and my three little girls. They mean everything to me! I love romance and passion between two people and felt deeply inspired by my own wedding day. So, I wanted a way to help others capture the power and magic of their own love story. Wedding photography has become a way to share my passion by photographing the unique way each couple interacts. I love finding the subtle way he takes her hand or the way her smile widens when she catches his gaze.
 I believe in classic beauty, natural light, original ideas, working with every bit of creativity you have been given and never missing an opportunity to revel in the absolute wonder of what i do. 

I capture moments that leave you breathless

"All, everything that I understand, I only understand because I love."

— Leo Tolstoy









A clean house


Hot Chocolate


 I love European cities: the timeless architecture, the people bustling through narrow streets, the flourishing fashion. The beauty and excitement of Europe reminds me of my life in the Ukraine and I love it.  

My family means everything to me. From the family who raised me to the family I’m raising, the members of my family are the most important people in my life.

Even if it’s 100 degrees outside, I can be found with my cup of hot herbal tea/chocolate. It’s my everyday necessity—and usually multiple times a day!

I never leave the house without perfume on and I have my favorites that I’ll buy over and over. I love the way a scent can act like a signature, giving hints about who you are before you even say hello. 

Outside my grandmother’s window, I remember giant bushes of fragrant peonies. Even still, a peony will remind me of childhood summers spent with my grandmother. I hope to soon have a crop of my own!

I love the way light reflects off the clean surfaces of a tidy house. I take pride in my home and love the feeling of accomplishment from getting my house clean—especially after chasing two pairs of little hands around all day!

My favorites


You can't replace it. 

i BELIEVE a classic never goes out of style


I can't wait to laugh with you! During our session there will be tons of fun.



Someone will notice those extra little details. Someone always does.

I BELieVE in THE little details


There is nothing better than the perfect light.

I BELieVE in THE Magic hour


Quality is a must, for a luxurious experience.

I BELieVE THat quality lasts a lifetime

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