You don't just hire a nice camera. You hire an experienced and knowledgeable artist to create custom artwork for you and your home. You are getting someone who is personally invested in making sure every moment of your day runs as smoothly as possible. I’ll be on hand to not only document every magical moment as it unfolds, but to help make your day absolutely worry-free. I’ll help keep you and your wedding guests on schedule while keeping you as comfortable as I possibly can. My goal is to make sure you are present during every event on your itinerary. 

 You will have priceless heirloom photographs that you will be able to enjoy for years to come. Every time you revisit your wedding album, you will have every memory from your special day that you can relive over and over. Your flowers will wilt and die; your dress will hang in a closet and perhaps never be worn again. But your wedding album will keep the memory of your wedding day alive not only for you, but for future generations.

When you book with Alyona Oborn Photography

 Fine wedding photography is an investment in a memory—one that you can celebrate over and over again, every time you view your beautiful images.

That’s my promise to you. 

Natalie & Jared

I had to have Alyona as our photographer. Her work is magical.


Before my husband and I were even engaged I knew I had to have Alyona as our wedding photographer. Her work is 'magical'.
The best money you will spend on your wedding day is making sure you have an amazing photographer because when it's all done and over with all you'll have are the pictures.
She truly knows how to capture love and the meaning of it. She has a great eye for detail, like the perfect lighting, making sure your hair is perfect and the perfect poses that capture your love for one another. My husband actually enjoyed getting pictures taken cause she makes it so fun!
My family and friends were just amazed by her at our wedding.
 Me and my husband have agreed to get anniversary pictures with her and then later on, family pictures of our own. Alyona will always be apart of our family in a special way as she will continue to capture the story of the Shea Family.
Thank you SO much Alyona, you are blessed with an amazing gift!

Savana & Logan

There was something so magical about her pictures.


We had the pleasure of working with Alyona for our wedding. She was someone that I wanted right from the beginning. After looking at her photos, I was in love. There was something so magical about her pictures that just drew me to her.I could also tell right from the beginning how much Alyona loves what she does and how much she loves love! THAT’s what really made me feel confident in having her photograph our wedding. 
Planning a wedding can be hard but Alyona made the stress of pictures go away. She made us feel comfortable and confident while she was taking pictures. I’m so grateful that we had Alyona as our wedding photographer. I wouldn’t change a thing about it! She went above and beyond for Logan and me and we appreciate all the work she put into our wedding. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional photography. You will love the outcome!!!

Katherine & Dylan

I was so impressed with her willingness to help her brides.


We decided to book Alyona as our wedding photographer after hearing about how great she was from a close friend and after seeing the quality of her images.She was always quick to respond to questions and ideas. Alyona helped me with a few very important components of our wedding and I was SO impressed with her willingness to help her brides. When it came to photographing the wedding, she was so excited and prepared. She traveled several hours and familiarized herself with the venue so when it came time for pictures she had so many ideas, which was great because we were able to really enjoy the experience. She was very friendly with everyone at the wedding and is great at making people (especially kids) smile and feel comfortable. Alyona always gave us a timeline on when to expect our images back, and always exceeded expectations. I am genuinely so thankful that she was able to capture our wedding. My husband and I are more than pleased with all of her hard work and kindness to us. We will always use her for any future photography needs. She has become a great friend! 

Madison & Kyler

stop your search and just choose her.


Picking my photographer was one of the hardest choices at the start of the planning process. I did my research and narrowed my options down to two photographers, one of them being Alyona. The other photographer that I was looking into took at least a week to respond to all of my questions asking about pricing or sample photos, while Alyona immediately responded to my questions along with sending me sample wedding albums to go through. I was pretty surprised that she would be willing to send that many sample photos along with getting back to me so quickly so I chose Alyona! Through out the rest of my planning process Alyona answered countless questions about recommendations for dj's, floral, decor, etc. Alyona was hands down the best resource I had while I planned my wedding. Besides helping me with everything prior to my wedding she made our lives so easy during our wedding day and formal photos. Alyona cares about her clients and their big day, and her work shows that. If you are deciding between Alyona and other photographers, stop your search and just choose her. You will definitely be happy with your photos and the experience that you get with her!

Hannah & Garrett

she has excellent talent & skill in capturing the moments.


I follow Alyona on Instagram and have been so impressed with her lighting and composition. She took pictures for my daughters wedding and we found she was easy to correspond with and answered all of our questions promptly and professionally. After the wedding, our children and family gathered, to look at them first sight together...hearing all the oooohs, ahhhhhs, and laughter brought so much happiness! We were full of gratitude for her excellent talent and skill in capturing the moments in our children's and loved ones lives. They will be cherished for many years to come.

Kelsey & Kaleb

She made us all feel wonderful about ourselves!


I had fallen in love with Alyona’s pictures years ago and had been following her page ever since. Alyona was promptly on time and ready to work! From the start she was dishing out compliments to everyone which made us all feel wonderful about ourselves and comfortable around her. Everyone knows how hard it is to get guys to pose for pictures for very long, let alone how awkward they get when they finally get in front of the camera. That wasn’t the case with our guys! Kaleb said Alyona made the guys sessions feel comfortable, energetic, quick and most of all fun! Anyone can tell by just looking at the pictures of the guys that they were eating it up. They not only felt but looked like absolute studs! Now, when it comes to girls, we criticize ourselves probably too much. The amazing part every single girl said they loved the pictures. We were laughing and having fun the whole time.Throughout the day she would direct us do different things so that the pictures would look the best. I loved that she was always honest and would change things if they needed to be because in the heat of the moment we wouldn’t think of those things but she’s an expert at what does and knows the dos and don’ts. she made us feel like absolute models. We kept laughing and having a good time the whole time.We can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for us. We were hoping for a good photographer but we got an AMAZING photographer and gained such a special lady into our lives. Love you Alyona! 

Sarah & Michael

Our wedding memories were captured flawlessly.


We chose Alyona Oborn Photography because her ability to utilize natural light and create stunning images was apparent in every image on her website. When we contacted her, she was so eager and excited to work with us. She responded to our emails very quickly which made her wonderful to work with. We loved the passion she had for her work. We are incredibly grateful that we chose Alyona to capture our wedding day. She provided us with the most spectacular images that we will get to treasure for the rest of our lives. Her photographs show emotion SO well. She earnestly cared about us and went out of her way to make sure we were happy. She drove 5 hours to our venue and explored the landscape to know exactly where to stand/shoot for the best pictures. She knew exactly what details were important to capture. My family was beyond impressed and everyone loved looking through the gallery of photos she provided! She made us feel like supermodels and guided us through postures/angles that accentuated our best features. She was overwhelmingly kind, loving, energetic and patient which was SO appreciated and added to our perfect wedding experience. 

Trista & Gage

She had a great sense of humor and was a blast to work with!


Our experience with Alyona Oborn Photography was nothing short of spectacular! Alyona's professionalism and pure talent for photography made taking wedding pictures surprisingly easy. It was a breath of fresh air not having to worry about the awkwardness that usually comes when taking pictures. Alyona took charge of the situation and made sure our poses and physical appearance looked like something out of a wedding catalog, on top of that she had a great sense of humor and was a blast to work with! Her editing was absolutely stunning, and for the quality and price of our wedding photos, Alyona Oborn Photography has no equal. We look forward to working with her again in the future!

cami & cody

It takes an amazing gift and effort to do what you do.


Thanks so much Alyona!! All pictures look so beautiful, thanks for doing that for us. It means a lot! You're so talented and so great at what you do:) not a lot of people have an eye to make things look so pretty.. It takes an amazing gift and effort to do what you do. You're going to go so far in this career, I know you already are. Thanks again Alyona!

karen & joel

she captured all of the key moments!


Alyona is a friendly, artistic, detail-oriented photographer! She exceeded all our expectations and made sure that we were content all throughout the process. After our engagement session, we had no doubt that she would capture great shots of our special day. 

We LOVE our wedding pictures. She captured all the key moments! Moments range from guests waiting in anticipation for us, the soon-to- be newlyweds, to our friends dancing the night away. Our families can't stop talking about how amazing she was to work with the day of the wedding. 

She made the engagement and formal sessions comfortable and fun, while going out of her way to make accommodations. Alyona has a passion in what she does and it shows in her amazing photography. We definetly recommend Alyona Oborn Photography for your special event! - Joel & Karen Nieto

Nick & Cori

you my friend have
"wowed' me


Alyona! We are beyond thankful for everything you have done for us. I am in customer service myself , so its pretty hard to "WOW" me. I like to think I provide WOW experience most of the time , so I have fairy high expectations; which is why I believe I am hard to "wow". You my friend have "wow"ed me and then some. Thank you for being such a kind person to Nick and I during the most stressful, yet exciting year of our life.You made our day. We laughed and cried looking at the pictures. You captured some of the best moments of true laughs and smiles. I am so glad we hired you after an hour long phone call made from Virginia, I will forever say that every Southern Idaho Wedding needs you!

 Keaton and micaela

she captured our special day in an incredible way


  My husband and I decided to book Alyona for our engagements, formals, and wedding day pictures because we saw the work she did for my brother and sister-in-law's wedding pictures and we loved them. Her prices were good for the amount she includes in her package, and that was another reason we decided to book with her. We loved our experience! The pictures turned out great, even when the weather wasn't permitting a great photo shoot environment. She kept a positive attitude through the whole experience and captured our special day in an incredible way! She works with your style and works with you to find the best look for your pictures. We absolutely love Alyona and would recommend her to anyone! In fact, we already have! She does an incredible job and makes the photo shoots a fun time, as well! We were beyond satisfied with our experience!

Tate and Reagan

she was fun, energetic, and handled every situation with ease.


We could not have asked for a more perfect photographer for our perfect day. Alyona was fun, energetic, and handled every situation with ease. She made everyone feel comfortable. Alyona knows what shots she wants and is able to get them done quickly. She was able to take control of our crazy families and get the most beautiful pictures. This is not an easy task to do! She not only met every expectation we had but surpassed it ten fold. We would without a doubt recommend Alyona for whatever photography needs anyone may be looking for. We will for sure use her again in the future for our special moments in life, whatever they may be. 


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