Munns Family//Pocatello Family Photographer

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I absolutely love this beautiful family. Not only Ally is a a great friend, she is also a boss babe and owns her own spray tan business. She does the BEST spray tans, check her page on instagram She is amazing! And look at all of those beautiful happy faces, I know family pictures are a lot of stress and planning but..

Dear Mom! I hope you are getting in front of the camera with your kids, i hope you know that there are always going to be excuses not to do that ; extra weight, short hair, double chin, wrinkles, no fancy clothing.. you name it.
I hope you know that you are beautiful no matter what, your kids love you with all the extras and buts, because you are their mom and you are perfect for them. I know you are busy making memories with them but I hope when they are older, they will look back at all of the pictures and smile because you were there, because you were not afraid to be present in life AND in photos. You are amazing! Get in front of the camera.

August 26, 2018

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